The founder of the club "SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB ATTFIS" is Mr. Milos Skoda, who founded it on September 1, 1992 in Ostrava. From the beginning, the club has been practicing the Shotokan karate-do style and is associated in the Moravian-Silesian Karate Association, the Czech Karate Association and the Shotokan karate-do SKIF CZECH REPUBLIC. The club operates in five gyms in the Ostrava city district and newly also in two gyms in the Frýdek-Místek district. The club organizes club tournaments, seminars, summer camp and training camps, events. You can read more about the results and how the representation works.

Long-term representation results



The our team has been participating in national and international karate tournaments for a long time. This year 2019 two competitors of our national team became members of the Czech national team SKIFCZ and were nominated for the SKIF 2019 World Championship, which took place in Hradec Kralove in July.


Dominik Trubianský won the bronze medal in the category of kata boys under 12 years!


Medal statistics for the last three years:

2017: 273 medals, 2018: 276 medals, 2019: 166 medals



The club organizes its own agility, kihon, kata and kumite tournaments according to WKF / SKIF competition rules with modifications. The aim of organizing their own tournaments is to prepare members for racing and above all to maintain the technical quality of competitors and increase it thanks to the experience gained from these tournaments.


The club focuses on thorough work with children and youth. Coaches are educated by attending seminars and competitions.